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The 5 Best Fishing Places in Clarksville, TN

Best Fishing Places in Clarksville, TN

Very few places offer so many fishing opportunities than the greater Clarksville area. With more than 60 fishing spots in and around Clarksville, the Queen City is regarded by many as the angler’s paradise. There are so many fish species to look out for in Clarksville, such as Bluegill, Crappie, Catfish, Large mouth Bass, Redear Sunfish, Flathead Catfish, Blue Catfish, Rock Bass and Drum. There are several lakes, local ponds, creeks and streams with abundant fishing possibilities that you can choose from. In fact, an hour’s drive or boat ride is all you need to traverse most of the fishing areas in Clarksville. Here are the 5 best fishing places in Clarksville, TN.

Red River

Best Fishing Places in Clarksville, TNThe Red River is located in Montgomery County, Tennessee, 1.1 miles from Clarksville and stretches for more than 100 miles. This stream is home to various types of fishes including crappie, pan fish, bluegill and redear sun fish.The middle section of this river offers the best fishing grounds. If you are a lover of the rainbow and brown trout, then try your luck at the Swift Camp Creek, Middle Fork of the river or the East Fork of Indian Creek. Due to its sheer grandeur of soaring cliffs, stone arches, rock shelters and surreal scenery, the Red River is the only river in Kentucky with the status of a National Wild and Scenic River. Make sure you carry a camera when you visit the Red River to capture the various types of fish flying out of water.

Cumberland River

This river is very long covering a distance of 695 miles with a large network of water systems including lakes and rivers. It therefore offers so many fishing opportunities throughout the year.This river is the predominantly the home for Bass and Trout. It also includes walleye and sauger. Kentucky side of the Cumberland Lake is the best place for Rainbow and Brown Trout fishing, especially at the Wolf Creek Dam, even it is delicious. The Tennessee side of the lake shelters the largest Stripers on earth. The largest striper ever caught was more than 65 pounds and it still holds the Tennessee record. If you want some fish flying action, then visit the lake from April to October.

Fort Campbell

Home to two lakes, Lake Kyle and Lake Taal, plus numerous beaver impoundments and two trout streams, Fort Campbell is a military establishment seating on more than 105,000 acres. It is located between Hopkinsville, Kentucky and Clarksville, Tennessee and offers fishing and sport opportunities for both the military and public. Common fish found in Fort Campbell include catfish, crappie, bluegill, bass and trout. It is also one of the few establishments in the country that allows fishing for children and the handicapped.

Kentucky Lake

Best Fishing Places in Clarksville, TNKentucky Lake is a hub of recreation activities like boat riding,wildlife viewing and game hunting.Kentucky Lake also offers all year round fishing opportunities for anglers. Crappie fishing usually begins before the end of winter and extends till May. Between February and March, crappie fish are located in the deep waters of the secondary creek channels, while in April they move to the shallow waters. Bass fishing also begins around April and lasts till the end of summer. Black Bass are usually found along the shoreline during spring, but move to the deeper waters during summer. Kentucky Lake also offers some large bluegill and 2-pound redear.

Large scale fishing is also permitted thanks to the large population of catfish varieties, such as flat head, channel and blue. In June, catfish move to shallow rocky areas to spawn. The Blue catfish inhabit the main river channel, while the channel catfish are usually found in embayments. The best time to fish for the Blue Catfish is usually during the summer. This lake also hosts various tournaments for Bass and Crappie fishing.Some of the notable Bass fishing tournaments in this lake include Wal-Mart Bass Fishing League, Stren Series and FLW Series. Crappie- based tournaments include Crappie USA and Crappie Masters.

Lake Barkley

Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake are usually categorized in the same vein, because of the similarities between the two when it comes to fishing opportunities. Like Kentucky Lake, it is also the home to a wide variety of Crappie, white bass, large mouth bass, bluegill and sauger. Boasting a length of 134 miles and a shoreline that stretches for more than 1000 miles, Lake Barkley is regarded an angler’s paradise due to immense opportunities it offers. Crappie fishing is done during spring when they move from deep waters to shallow waters to spawn. Bass fishing is also done for sports at the end of spring. However, most of the fish is returned back to the water due to prohibitions.

Clarksville, TN. has all the fishing spots for all types of anglers. It is surrounded by rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, embayments and creeks. Whichever destination you select for your fishing trip, make sure you apply for a valid fishing license and also abide by all the code of conduct to be on the safe side.