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How To Design a Small Bathroom in Restaurant

Tips to Choose Compact Toilets for Small Bathroom

When it comes to the bathroom, it is indeed an important part of any restaurant. The reason is bathroom has always been a significant component of any good house. To add to this, if your bathroom is small, then you must be extra cautious. In fact, you would find some homeowners who would lessen their bedroom space to ensure they have a luxurious space for the bathroom. When it comes to designing a small bathroom in a restaurant the option to take space from other rooms to make it larger is not really an option. So, in this article, we are going to talk about how you can choose compact toilets for a small bathroom to make sure you can utilize your restaurants precious space.

Tips to Choose Compact Toilets for Small BathroomChoosing Compact Toilets for Small Bathroom

The following are the best tips to choose a compact toilet for your small bathroom:

  1. Do a rough analysis of your space: It doesn’t matter what type of space-saving toilet you are choosing, you should do a rough measurement of your rough-in. For example- if you are planning to install the toilet in a small place, you should go for a ten-inch rough-in. The thing is you will position it near the wall so that there is more space for leg room.
  2. Decide on the bowl shape: Typically, there are two types of bowl shape bathroom. One is elongated and the other is round.
  3. The 0lenga ted shape bowl: will stick out further, meaning that it will need big space. On the other hand, the round shape bowl is small, which means you will be able to install it easily.
  4. Figure out the precise length: When choosing a compact toilet, you should figure out the precise length. To do that you must check the dimensions, which are provided by the manufacturers. In this way, you could have an idea of different measurements such as the height, depth, and width of the toilet. In truth, you would be able to make a smart and wise decision. So, choose a short depth for the toilet.
  5. Go for up-flushing mechanism: Nowadays, up-flushing mechanism toilets are very popular. The reason is they are versatile. Regardless of where you install it, they are made in a way to fit into unconventional places including in basements and attics. Therefore, you could go for an up-flushing mechanism for your toilet.
  6. Tips to Choose Compact Toilets for Small BathroomChoose a wall mounted toilet: You should choose a wall mounted toilet because this type of toilets will fit perfectly in your small surroundings. In fact, if you choose a floating toilet, you could easily mount them to the wall. This type of toilet comes with a built-in wall tank carrier system, making them perfect for small spaces.
  7. Make a calculation of water usage: Another great way to choose a compact toilet is to make a calculation of water usage. The GPF or gallons per flush indicator will let you know how much water you will need for toilet’s flushing mechanism. The standard amount of water usage for the toilet is 1.6 to 1.8 GPF. So, choose a toilet, which falls into this range.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is when you are planning to choose a compact toilet for your home, you should consider the above tips. They will help you in making an objective decision. So, let us know if you have anything to add to this list by leaving a comment below.